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Hey you, yeah you!



a little about me...

Hi! I am Amanda!

This wonderful man in these photos is my husband, Zach!

I have a real soft spot for anything adventurous, whimsical, and filled with laughter and LOTS of flowers!


A lot of my clients would describe me as a bubbly and outgoing person, so trust me when I say I will totally gas you up during your shoot! While my clients describe me as extremely outgoing, I consider myself and extroverted introvert. I completely understand what it is like to feel awkward in front of the camera, or be nervous meeting new people! Which is why, you don't have to put on any kind of act with me! My goal is to guide you through your shoot while making you feel comfortable and confident. (By the way, some of the awkward moments are the best photos, promise!) I direct you the whole way through!

I am all about the in-between candid moments, awkward laughters, and climbing through meadows to get to the spots with the best views and the best lighting! I am always down for an adventure.

My hobbies include drawing, bullet journaling , getting lost in the mountains, 

chasing views, and traveling with my best friends!

Think we'd be a good match? (me too) Shoot me an email!

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